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Our offered Product range includes Oil Remover, Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash, Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner, Oil Lift Auto Wash & Shine and Oil Eating Bacteria Blocks.

Oil Remover

Formulated to remove oil from paving stone, asphalt and concrete surfaces, Oil Liftâs Oil Remover delivers top-notch cleaning results every time without exposing handlers to toxic chemicals. Our non-toxic oil remover penetrates and debonds oil from surfaces starting the biodegradation cycle. The last step is to soak up the residue and throw or spray wash onto the grass where Earthâs natural bacteria will biodegrade the residual waste. Oil Liftâs Oil Remover can successfully tackle any outdoor cleaning job, residential, commercial or industrial. Highlights : Removes oil from parking lots, driveways: paving stones, concrete & asphalt surfaces Delivers superior results in residential, commercial & industrial applications Saves time and money: super-concentrated, dilutes with water, multi-purpose formula Use on interior and exterior surfaces: house siding, decks, bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Eco-certified, non-toxic. Packing details : 125 ml (48/case), 205 L double concentrate, 205 L drums

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Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash

Get from us marine-grade Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash , which is admired for its high concentration. The Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash is known for washing the exteriors and interiors of a boat. Be it wood, decks, ropes, fiberglass hulls, fenders, bilges or cleats, the Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash is known for washing each of these boat part materials. We have become a reputed name to get first-rate Storm Force Bow to Stern Wash. Highlights : Cleans interior and external contaminates on boats Multi-purpose marine applications including hulls, decks and fenders Environmentally friendly & non-toxic Twice rated # 1 marine cleaner by pacific yachting magazine Effective non-toxic formula Improves cleanliness in multiple marine applications Its concentrated format/dilution reduces overall cleaning costs Eco-friendly Safe to use Packing : 125 ml, 948 ml, 205 l Drums, 20 l Pails, 4L bottles (4/case) and 1000 l Price : Staring from $4.99

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Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner

Use the Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner for tackling dirt found on grout and tiles. This industrial strength formulation â Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner â is used in various bathroom applications. Whether it is stainless steel, brass or chrome fixtures, the Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner can breathe new life into them without any side effects. The entire formulation of the Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner is done using non-toxic materials. The Metal Tile and Grout Cleaner is diluted with water for weeding out even the most stubborn stains. Highlights : Cleans tile and grout Spray on to clean brass, chrome and stainless steel fixtures Environmentally friendly and non-toxic Concentrated formulation Packing : 2 l, 125 ml, 948 ml, 20 l pails, 205l drums and 1000 l Price : Ranging from $4.99 to $24.95

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Oil Lift Auto Wash & Shine

Oil Lift⢠Auto Wash & Shine was developed to keep your vehicle cleaner longer with its unique bio-polymer micro wax additive. This product delivers a streak free shine, easily penetrating and breaking down road grime, brake dust, road tars and many other external contaminates. Oil Lift⢠Auto Wash & Shine delivers better cleaning results that last longer. Our super concentrated formula is more economical and environmentally friendly through the utilization of plant based ingredients. Use Oil Lift⢠Auto Wash & Shine to give your vehicle an enhanced long lasting clean. Highlights : Super concentrated â add 20 to 50 parts water Keeps your car shiny & dust free longer with natural biopolymers Environmentally friendly Windshield fluid additive for high performance cleaning Packing : Available in 2 L, 20 L, 205 L and 1000 L

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Oil Eating Bacteria Blocks

Shop drains, oil water separators and run-off oil pollution can cost an arm and a leg in pump-out costs and waste handling. A simpler solution is to place an Oil Lift⢠Oil Eating Bacteria Block at the drainage point. The block slowly dissolves releasing non odor causing natural bacteria which devours the pollution. Oil and grease build-up in drains is an endless problem for cities and waste treatments plants, destroying sewage systems in the U.S.A. to the tune of almost a trillion dollars to date. Using Oil Lift⢠oil eating bacteria blocks saves shop owners considerable money when pumping out oil water separators. Our bacteria blocks are job specific to oil or grease and have virtually no smell. They last in many sump pump applications for three to four months. Details regarding our Oil Eating Bacteria Blocks These blocks are job specific They break up oil or grease They have virtually no smell They last in most sump applications for three or four months Available in : 1 kg blocks and pucks

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Aviation Cleaner

Oil Liftâs Aviation Cleaner easily removes dirt from soiled aircrafts. This non-toxic product, set to Boeing standards, is the ideal alternative to lesser eco-friendly cleaners on the market. Use it to wash the exterior and interior of the airplane. Why Our Aviation Cleaner? Conforms to Boeing 06-1748 Revision p for aviation Saves Money and time Safe to use Packing : 20 l, 250 l and 1000 l Price : From $212.64

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Storm Force Inflatable Boat Wash

A marine-grade cleaner, the Storm Force Inflatable Boat Wash is specifically designed for washing pontoons, inflatable, zodiacs and many other marine items. The Storm Force Inflatable Boat Wash is used for cleaning surfaces made of SS, inflatable, zodiacs, pontoons, and dirty bilges as well as sails. Regardless of the nature of the marine cleaning task, the Storm Force Inflatable Boat Wash is admired for its high strength, non-toxic formulation and eco-friendliness. Use the Storm Force Inflatable Boat Wash for restoring the natural beauty of inflatable boats. Highlights : Cleans Hypalon, PVC, sails and even dirty bilges Cleans aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel components Environmentally friendly Twice rated # 1 marine cleaner by pacific yachting magazine Packing : 205L, 20L, 32oz Spray (12/case) and 4L Jug Price : $15.95

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Roughneck Wash

When you just need more cleaning power, look no further than Roughneck Wash . This crude oil clean up grade is a higher concentration with added âgreenâ solvent ingredients for breaking down tougher oils like hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, tar and bitumen. Should you require it, we will customize your concentration according to oil type for optimum performance. You need only send us a sample of the oil you work with and we will test and customize the best concentration for your situation. Roughneck Wash was designed to reduce chemical costs and improve cleanliness and diminish environmental footprint in the oil and other heavy industry. Packaging : Available in 20 L, 205 L and 1000 L tote

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Super Absorbent Booms

Separates oil & grease from water and permanently captures oil. Oil Lift⢠Super Absorbent Booms are the most cost effective and highest absorbing, non-release, grease and oil capturing filtration material on the market. Why and what do they replace? It is a fact that polypropylene and natural fiber boom materials possess very high absorption ratios. However, science shows they also release the oil. The oil escapes under applied pressure such as the battering of waves, most particularly in salt water. In other words, these types of booms are very costly taking into account the amount of oil captured, added labor expense and sky rocketing costs before factoring in the potential pollution fines for discharge. Highlights : Filled with hydrophobic oil capturing polymers Seizes oil and retains it, so that even under pressure, it will not release it Allows users to capture the highest amount of oil in the fastest time with the least amount of effort 1 lb. of material captures between 4 to 6 times its weight in oil or hydrocarbon Emergency Response Uses : Oil spills on land, water, warehouses, marine applications, machinery, boats, floors, etc Highly effective âForce Multiplierâ for fire departments, police, helicopters, coast guard and other first responders where space in vehicles is at a premium. Prevention Uses : Storm water filtration Bilges Oil containment Separating power washing water, grease traps, oil water separators, around equipment, oil platforms, etc. Packaging : 6 lbs, (4/box)

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Rim Tire Tar and Bug Blaster

Oil Lift⢠Rim Tire Tar and Bug Blaster penetrates and removes external substances from your vehicle with its unique blend of plant based ingredients. Our industrial strength de-bonding technology is specifically designed for the rims and tires of automobiles which regularly pick up road grime, brake dust and many other external contaminates. Oil Lift⢠environmentally friendly, non-toxic, bio-polymer formulation delivers high performance cleaning results. It is powerful enough to remove the toughest contaminant and deliver a streak free shine leaving your car clean and restored to its natural beauty. Removes : Road grime Brake dust Road tar Gummy tree resin Insects Bird droppings Highlights : Delivers high performance cleaning results Restores a streak-free shine Removes tough tar, tree resin and gummy residue Gets rid of road grime, brake dust and other external adherents Offers powerful de-bonding technology for challenging cleaning jobs Non-toxic and eco-friendly Packing : Available in 16 oz., 32 oz.(12/case), 948 ml, 20 L, 205 L and 1000 L You are Mixing Two Types of Measures and are Not Talking About Packaging

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