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Cleaning Chemicals

Our offered Product range includes Tough Hands Cleaner, Cleaner Degreaser and Graffiti Goo & Ink Remover.

Tough Hands Cleaner

Oil Lift’s powerful Tough Hands Cleaner cleanses hands like no other industrial cleaning solution. It removes contaminants while softening and revitalizing skin. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly hand cleaner easily removes even the most stubborn stains whether grime, glues, grease, oils, dirt or any other lingering contaminant. Our non-toxic formula is free of harsh, health-threatening solvents. Highlights : Deep and thorough cleaning of hands Protects against drying/cracking Softens hands Non-toxic and environmentally responsible Packing : 16 oz., 2 L and 20 L

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Cleaner Degreaser

The Cleaner Degreaser is an all-purpose formulation, whenever an all purpose industrial cleaning has to be used without fearing the side effects. The Eco-certified Cleaner Degreaser is used in diverse applications. The Cleaner Degreaser is admired for its high performance whilst protecting the end-user. Having the capacity to replace nearly 90% of cleaners used in industrial and/or residential applications, the Cleaner Degreaser is acclaimed for its concentrated format. Removes : Oils Grease Lubricants Tough stains Used In : Household : Kitchen Bathroom Laundry room Outdoor Uses : Garage Workshop Siding Gardening equipment Garbage disposal containers Exception : Spot test before cleaning leather or other items that are not necessarily colorfast Why Our Cleaner Degreaser? Punches through tough grease and grime without toxic chemicals Cleans engines, parts, brakes, rims & chrome Environmentally friendly to protects user's health Concentrated to save you money Price Range : From $4.99 to $24.95 Available In Packing : 125ml, 948 ml, 2 l, 20 l pails, 205 l drums and 1000 l

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Graffiti Goo & Ink Remover

Be it safety equipment such as heavy rubber gloves, respirators, full face shields, the Graffiti Goo & Ink Remover is superior in terms of ensuring health and safety. The Graffiti Goo & Ink Remover works great on unpainted surfaces. Bare concrete surfaces should be treated with the clear protective coating - Graffiti Goo & Ink Remover; this will act as a barrier between the stone and the graffiti, thus, stopping it from penetrating, helping for easer removal. In all cases of graffiti, depending on surfacing and the ink or paint that was used, a longer dwell time may be required for a better quality of removal. Available In : 1 l, 20 l, 205 l and 1000 l

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