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Our offered Product range includes freezer equipment, Laboratory Ovens, Incubator Shaker, Autoclaves and Water Bath.

freezer equipment

A perfect partner for your multi cold storage purposes in a contemporary lab set up. Microprocessor based temperature controls provide outstanding temperature uniformity with high quality compressor for energy efficiency. Safety features and durable interiors provide you with the most dependable performance.

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Laboratory Ovens

Designed for continuous drying operations , general purpose ovens provide temperature homogeneity regulated by microcomputer control system. Stainless steel interiors with easy to clean surface while silicon rubber sealing prevents heat loss and gives stability during operation.

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Incubator Shaker

Bench top shaking incubator has a compact design that saves your precious lab space. Stainless steel interiors with exceptional durability and trouble-free cleaning require less maintenance. Large transparent lid provides easy observation. Microprocessor controller permits easy operation. A variety of platforms and other lab accessories allows configuration to meet your demands

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We offer a range of autoclavessterilizers for general purpose sterilization applications. Customers can choose from the range depending upon their application, volume and budgetary requirements. Features are designed specifically for lab based sterilizations used in research laboratories, pharmaceuticals, microbiology labs and food and chemical industries. High performance, reliable results and a longer life makes it an ideal choice.

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Water Bath

Biolab water bath provides precise temperature control along with stirring mixture function to create a stable temperature environment for a variety of applications. Easy to use and maintain, seamless stainless steel chamber with available with a digital operating system.

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Laboratory Centrifuge

Biolab benchtop high speed centrifuge series 100 is designed around your applications to provide you competent sample processing and reliable results. Microcomputer programmable with excellent temperature controls and low noise operation maximize your productivity. Highly efficient with low maintenance requirements, it is an ideal separation tool for multiple research applications.

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laboratory mixers

Touch operation fixed speed at 3000 rpm small compact shape, ultra shock mount eccentric bearing design.

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Laboratory Furnace

Biolab bfmf-1100 series muffle furnace is designed for minimum space requirements. Our muffle furnaces work effortlessly at high temperatures and give reliable results. Equipped with electronic controller and memory to store different programs, it makes the operation user friendly. Chambers are crafted for heavy duty operation and minimize heat loss.

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Water Treatment System

Laboratory water purification system uses double stage reverse osmosis technology. It produces double stage ro water, deionised, edi and ultrapure water. These systems have 3 way on-line water quality sensor, multiple alarm with unique design and it has easy-to-replace cartridges pack unit.

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Biosafety Cabinets

Biolab biological safety cabinet class ii series is engineered specifically for laboratory operations that require user and product protection. Operates with a negative air pressure for personnel protection and hepa filtered laminar airflow for product protection. Suitable for microbiological and research applications that do not involve radioactive substances and toxic contaminants.

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Natural air convection method and gentle air circulation provide excellent temperature homogeneity. Glass observation window with air tight lock and silicon rubber sealing prevents unwanted loss of heat. Stainless steel interiors with heating elements on all six sides provide uniform heating even if load is high. This series is designed to reduce sample contamination and provide a stable environment for growth and maintenance of cell cultures.

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Fume Hood

Biolab standard fume hood series 200 is designed to provide personnel protection from toxic fumes and hazardous volatile vapours. Our standard fume hoods are reliable and easy to use. Its inbuilt ventilation system with a front window eliminates fire and explosion risk. Acidalkali resistant interiors and uv lamp to sterilise the work area, this product is the best choice for reducing potential exposure hazard to the user.

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Freeze Dryers

Simple and economical means of freeze drying for stabilization of living material and preservation of fragile substances. Equipped with vacuum freeze drying technology and customizable tray spacing, this is the right product for your small scale freeze drying requirements.

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Laboratory Refrigerators

Laboratory refrigerators supplied with digital controller, glass door, alarm system to meet the demanding requirements of laboratory research. These refrigerator has temperature ranging from +2°c to +8°c and all models are combined with two exact sensors and auto defrost.

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