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vacuum systems

vacuum systems

USD 19575 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Full Recovery, Oil sealed Vacuum Pump System with Travaini vacuum pump model TRSC 100-550CRX

The Dynaseal is the top vacuum system in vacuum pressure performance with minimal maintenance, (minor levels every 1 to 1.5 years interval). No costly carbon vanes to be replaced with downtime problems.
Noise level is low at 78 d(B)A
These are long life capital investment systems which operates with superior suction for 12-15 years. Resale value of these systems are very good if requirement to upgrade to larger sizes.

Capable of 27" Hg.V (75 Torr)
385 CFM Capacity
25 HP 1750 RPM

3 YEAR Full Warranty
4" Inlet Poly Filter is an option to by added

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