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Integrated Rfid Reader (216012)

Integrated Rfid Reader (216012)

Overview - integrated rfid reader
this versatile and rugged rfid reader provides a long read range and high read rate. This integrated rfid reader can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is commonly used in applications such as at warehouse dock doors, on forklifts, parking lot gates, outdoor patrolling vehicles, highway toll stations, livestock tracking and container ports to name a few.

key features - integrated rfid reader
•ruggedized integrated reader with a long read range
•dense reader mode (drm) available
•global frequency coverage
•ethernet connectivity, with poe (power-over-ethernet)
•best of breed antenna performance: excellent axial ratio to give best read zone control
specifications - integrated rfid reader

read range 9 meters with ad431 tags from avery dennison, 13 meters with dogbone tags from upm raflatec
protocol iso18000-6c, epc uhf class 1 gen 2, dense reader mode available
frequency range (mhz) 865 to 868, 902 to 928, 952 to 954,919 to 928, 910 to 914
polarization circular polarization antenna
external control 2 × gpo and 2 × gpi
operating temperature -20 °c to 60 °c
storage temperature -40 °c to 85 °c
humidity 98% non-condensing
connectivity ethernet, with poe
power supply 12 volt dc supply, or use poe
dimensions 30 cm × 30 cm × 7.5 cm
weight 2 kg.

  • Brand Name : GAO

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