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Gamma Nano Industrial Electrical Insulation Lubricant

The Gamma Nano Industrial Electrical Insulation Lubricant is specially designed for use in industry. It can lubricate hard to reach surfaces. This lubricant can restore parts damaged due to moisture without dissembling them. We have been supplying these for many years now at affordable rates. Contact us if you have any queries or would like to place an order with us.   Product Description : Significantly reduces electric equipment maintenance costs. Can be applied to equipment with voltage up to 6.000 volts. Enhance the effectiveness of the insulation resistance up to 100%. 100% moisture displacement. Prevents short circuits.   Use : This is the only product in the world that provides 100% displacement of water. To restore electrical equipment damaged by moisture, no disassembling is needed. Effectively prevents electricity leakage and insulation failure. Strong and invisible nano protective layer provides a reliable protection for domestic or industrial electronic and electrical equipment. Even if the equipment is placed in the water the protection is just as effective. This product can effectively extend the life of the electrical equipment.   Features : Can provide long-term protection from any type of moisture. Product contains nano molecules that penetrate the surface and replace water molecules filling the small gaps and remove an oxide. Gamma Nano Electrical Insulation in Industry immediately restores the insulation resistance. Drastically improves electrical conduction. Does not cause damage to any material. Product molecules can easily get to the hard-to-reach surfaces of the equipment. The products can be applied to the wet surface. Maintains the elasticity of the protective layer for a long time.   Applications : Cars or other vehicles electronic equipment: screws, contacts, cleats and adapters, timers, ignition coil, generator. Gardening equipment: high voltage power lines, outdoor lighting, wire and socket, electrical appliances, power tools, lawn mowers, saws, screwdrivers, other electronic equipment and parts.   Properties : In contrast to well-known insulating sprays Gamma Nano Electrical Insulation in Industry is resistant to significant mechanical loading, does not absorb moisture and is isopropyl alcohol, ethylene glycol and white spirit free. NanoProtech does not evaporate and does not require any additional cleansing or lubricating. NanoProtech Electrical Insulation displaces humidity, lubricates mechanisms, securely proofs electric and electronic components, even in wet conditions, and restores performance parameters. Protective coating securely holds on the surface and withstands strong mechanical loading. Insignificant excess of the product can leak out creating stroke marks and oil spots on the surface of water. The surface applied with NanoProtech Electrical Insulation can be prepared for painting by removing a protecting coating with any circuit plate cleanser, brake cleanser or alcohol. Builds waterproof and water repellent coating. Completely displaces moisture from the applied surface. Saves electric conductivity of the applied connections in water. Provides dielectric strength of conductors. Builds insulating coating, prevents from surface current leakage, due to powerful capillary effect penetrates inside units without dismantling. Fills in microscopic cavities. Maintains high elasticity. Does not cause harmful effects and does not destroy metals, plastic, rubber, glass, varnish, colors, ceramics and electric engines. Does not dissolve in water. Has a dielectric effect. Weather and temperature resistant. Health and environment-friendly. Easy to use. Wide range of application areas. Does not require preparation of the applied surface. Effective even with wet surfaces. Operating temperature ranges from -80°Ð¡ to +140°Ð¡. Duration of protective coating is from 1 to 3 years.   Nano Technologies : Shelf life : 5 years. Made in Canada.

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